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In a city like San Francisco, you can throw a rock out your front door and hit someone with a nice ass and pretty brown eyes. But to find someone you want to fall asleep with, someone you want to breathe and dream next to, is terribly rare.
Baer, Will Christopher.”Hell’s Half Acre” inPhineas Poe: Three Novels by Will Christopher Baer. San Francisco: MacAdam/Cage, 2005. (via radiosaturday)

Dear Jude.

You can say what you like about me. I have a tender fascination for the obvious and I’m slow to process violent stimuli but I tend to think that men are much softer than women, more sentimental. They cry at the movies and pretend not to. The male of the species is weak. He doesn’t tolerate pain well.

“Penny Dreadful” by Will Christopher Baer  (via youpretentiousyou)
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